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SB 854 Requirements

SB 854 (Stat. 2014, chapter 28) made several changes to the laws governing how the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) monitors compliance with prevailing wage requirements on public works projects. Some of these changes modify the responsibilities of awarding bodies, including by eliminating the obligation to pay DIR for compliance monitoring on state bond-funded projects. Some of SB 854's changes went into effect immediately (because the bill was adopted as an urgency measure), but others will be phased in as outlined below.

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Jul 30 2015 GS-R15-40 Bulk Fuel, Lubricant, and Antifreeze Delivery Service View
Aug 5 2015 DS15-21-Pedestrian Safety Beacons 2015 Program -Various Locations View
Aug 21 2015 ER-R16-01 - Metal Refuse Bins View
Sep 2 2015 UD15-32-Sierra Linda Neighborhood Street Resurfacing View
Sep 16 2015 UD15-24R (Rebid) -ASR Water Well #1 -Campus Park Wellfield View

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